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Welcome to FindMap's introductory newsletter!

1st October 2010

Welcome to our very first newsletter. Our whole new way of letting you know what's happening at FindMap.

This newsletter is all about YOU!

Each month we will bring you up to date with what's new in the many areas we now cover and provide you with hints and tips to make the best use of your time when using a FindMap product.

FindMap products can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a solution to a problem, for example you have a client list and need to decide which venue location works best to organise a conference.
  • To improve something you are already doing, for example to analyse fragmented territories and reduce unnecessary time and expense used to travel and service them.
  • To gain insights into your performance, for example to determine where your sales are and where to concentrate your next marketing effort for the best return.
  • To provide a customer online service, for example use a website store or dealer locator so your customers can find and choose you first.
  • Need something for yourself in the street, for example find nearest fast food, petrol and other shops to save you time.
  • ..or we can provide a custom service to meet your requirements that aren't covered by our off-the-shelf windows software, datasets and personal and business iPhone apps.

Are you confident that you are getting the most out of what you have bought?

Do you remember all the details of what you did last time?

Is your data or software up to date?

NEW! See how it's done. A "picture is worth a thousand words" as they say so how much must video be worth to simply show how it's done step-by-step! We've opened a YouTube account and this page will list all the thousand how-to's we've been wanting to post and show for some time.

NEW! Have your say and share with others. Yes "social media" is everywhere so why not take advantage of forums which are open to the public and you can read, share, post and connect with other FindMap users. There's a facebook group for iPhone users as well as FindMap the company

Call during the day. We're happy to hear from you and offer full support and response if you're a subscribed user. It may be a while since you last used the software and just need a short session to get back up to speed. Don't spend too much of your time hitting a brick wall, just call and we'll set you on the path to success.

Email anytime. The great thing about email is that it's 24/7 so you can post a question anytime. We will respond during business hours with the information, answers or links that you need.

Read about what's new. There's nothing better than knowing what great new feature have been recently released.

Download documentation. Sometimes you just want something in your hand to read when offline, or forward and share with others. We will keep important reference and other presentation material in convenient office format and let you know when the documentation has been updated.

Download updates. Update notices are sent out notifiying you when a new version has been released.

Spending a few minutes reading our newsletter every month will ensure you're up to date with our new products, features and announcements. Keep your eyes open for some great opening price offers!

Your feedback is important so let us know what you think and we're happy to respond!

It's certainly been a busy month launching the new NEWSLETTER and VIDEO pages but it's an essential thing to inform, and support, a significant expansion of the product range in coming months.. stay tuned!

As always thanks for being a customer of FindMap and we look forward to being of service and making a difference!

Remember, just email any feedback... or call 02-4877-2400.





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