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Welcome to the VIDEO page of FindMap!

These videos are intended for self-help and training in using various FindMap products.

Stay tuned for further updates as more videos are produced to meet your needs and please feel free to make contact and provide feedback, make requests, on any material you feel is needed.

The videos below are embedded links with descriptions and grouped together for your convenience. Alternatively all videos are hosted on YouTube with the index page here for your direct browsing if you wish.


Windows desktop software - Postcode Express and Postcode Professional

Exporting information

Map colour coding by value

Table handling

Territory creation and management


Category: Colour coding map by value

Added 16 September 2010 : Quick way to colour code map using values in a table column



Category: Territory creation and management

Added 16 September 2010 : Creating a territory from clicking areas on the map

Added 16 September 2010 : Zoom, select and save new territory


Added 16 September 2010 : Select and save multiple, concentric and exclusive territories


Added 16 September 2010 : Build territory from table, label and add other map detail



Category: Exporting information

Added 16 September 2010 : Getting lists of postcodes and suburbs from either ad-hoc map selections or from new or existing saved territories.


Category: Table handling

Added 16 September 2010 : Importing table from .CSV file format













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