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Postcode Express and Professional major features:

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Desktop Software :: Business :: Postcode Express, Professional and Platinum


Your choice for Windows Desktop Mapping if your needs require you to...

  • Relate a table of values to postcodes and analyse values
  • Design and allocate territories based on groups of postcodes
  • Query location and distances of suburbs and postcodes
  • .. and much more!

What's the latest? - 10th December 2016

Video tutorials - updated December 2016

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What the whole menu looks like

Map layers built-in

Territory Pack (State, Major Region, Sub Region, Local Government)
All Major and highway
Selected Major and Highway
Urban areas
Major town labels
Points at 3 levels of detail: Major towns, Urban areas, Detailed suburbs.


Map layers that can be added

Text labels
Points from a table


Table processing and analytical abilities

Colour code areas by value
Postcodes & Suburbs
Postcodes & Optional Suburbs
Define and manage territories
Postcodes & Suburbs
Postcodes & Optional Suburbs
Geocode points to Postcode & Suburb Level
Geocode points to Street Name level
Table capacity


Map processing and analytical abilities

Search for postcode or suburb
Search table "find nearest" sorted by distance
Custom scripting for 3rd party application control
Multi-user profiles

Product Release Schedule

Postcode Express and Professional are updated regularly with the new and improved features, latest maps, postcodes and suburbs.

  • Express and Professional come with standard 30 day technical support.
  • Optional annual support offers:
    • Regular updates throughout the year for:
      • Software
      • Postcode and Suburb Maps
      • Postcode Name Tables
      • Suburb Name Tables
    • Unlimited phone and email support contact
    • Discounted training


Map Content

  • Over 2,500 Postcode Boundaries providing National Coverage.
  • Over 1,000 additional secondary postcodes such as GPO Boxes and special delivery postcodes.

Map Detail - Postcode Express vs Professional

Postcode Express has:

  • Single layer with simplified lines for general road representation









Postcode Professional has:

  • Separately selectable layers for highway and selected main roads
  • Correct detail at city metro scale
  • Named roads for label and browsing
  • Ideal for small or detailed territory management for more accurate reference


Express at Metro Scale

Express Metro

Professional at Metro Scale

Professional Metro

  • Over 17,000 Suburb Names to search, find, select and labelling.
  • Major City List for labelling.

Table Import

  • Multiple column .CSV format with header record for column naming.


  • Keep and select from multiple tables (Professional Only)


  • Accept .CSV file name on command line and automatically import and map (Express and Professional)
  • Accept multiple batch commands in a configuration file (Professional Only)


  • Map Images to file or clipboard.
  • Postcode selection to file or clipboard.
  • Over 1,000 additonal secondary postcodes such as GPO Boxes and special delivery postcodes.
  • Express - single image file format (GIF)
  • Professional - multiple image file formats (BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG, PICT, PCX, PNG, TIF, WBMP)
  • Includes options for both Primary (2000,3000) and Secondary (eg GPO 2001, 3001, 1xxx, 8xxx) postcodes.

Find Nearest (Professional Only)

  • Search table and find nearest locations to given postcode.
  • Use whole table or filter using column content.
  • Set separately defined limits for maximum distance and number of results.
  • Click on result rows to automatically show location and label on map and compare to current search.

Territory Management (group postcodes together)

  • Create Territories from any selection of postcodes
  • Automatically generate set of Territories from any table and column.
  • Show Multiple Territories on map.
  • Access whole-of-territory values at individual postcode level for labelling and information, eg Territory Name or Total Territory Value.
  • Create Territory report using values from map or table.

Thematic Mapping (colour code individual postcodes by value)

  • One-Click column selection turns your list of numbers into colour thematic maps.
  • Multiple calculation methods:
    • Custom
    • Equal Size
    • Variable Size
    • Unique Values
  • Values in map ready for:
    • Labelling
    • Click query
    • Selecting By Value
    • Dynamic Statistics
    • Territory Assignment
  • Select from built in colour palette selections to easily highlight and visualise patterns in your data.

Display Points (Professional Only)

  • Display any table as set of points
  • Geocoding-on-the-fly to individual suburb name level (if available) postcode level otherwise
  • Display as set of same points or points according to table content
  • Display selectively according to table content
  • Any displayed of points can be exported

Simple Points

Points Options

Selective Points


  • Select Multiple Postcodes by:
    • Radius Distance
    • Value
    • Postcode
    • Territory
    • Ad-hoc clicking
    • Sorted Lists
  • Use selected postcodes for:
    • List Export
    • Territory Creation
    • Dynamic Statistics


  • Create Labels where:
    • On mouse click
    • If in view
    • If not in view
    • Only selected
    • Only highlighted
    • All
  • Show dynamic label following current mouse location.
  • Create custom label expressions with location defined evaluation for:
    • Postcode
    • Value
    • Suburb names
    • Territory
      • Name
      • Total Value
      • Min.Value
      • Max. Value
      • Av. Value
  • Create custom label font, size, colour
  • Save labels as a named set.
  • Add sets of labels to map with a single click.


  • Find your preferred map location by searching by Postcode or Suburb Name.
  • Be able to pick the one you mean from ambiguous or multiple names.
  • Handle spelling mistakes and missing common prefixes or suffixes to still find what you mean.
  • Select or Label directly from search results.

Legend Window

  • Add or Subtract Ranges.
  • Create, Save and Select custom legend settings.
  • Change colour palettes.
  • Recalculate or set custom ranges.
  • Select postcodes in range directly from range display.
  • Change colour settings directly from range display.

Statistics Window

  • Show Summary Statistics such as:
    • Total Value
    • Minimum Value
    • Maximum Value
    • Average Value
  • Automatically updated and recalculated for every map selection change.
  • See effect of adding or removing postcodes from territories.

Info Window

Display info on the fly as the mouse moves over the map.

The current postcode under the mouse is used to generate information you select for display in the info window such as:

  • Table Column Info
  • Territory Names
  • Suburb Names

Table Column Info – for the current postcode under the mouse summarise the information in the selected table.

If there are multiple records in the given table a comma separated list will be generated showing the unique occurrences of each record and column for that postcode.

Territory Names – show all the territories, if any, that have the current postcode.

Suburb Names – show all the official suburb names for the current postcode.






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