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Australian Postcode and Suburb Next-Door Tables


Latest update - 26th June 2019

With these products you can use any given postcode or suburb to find all neighbouring and adjacent postcodes and suburbs. The Next Door table is available at either Postcode or individual suburb level for the ultimate in precision.

Tables contain an attribute column "Direction" which is taken as From->To and is one of N,S,E,W,NE,SE,SW,NW


How it works: The table containing all the next-door records is created by taking every every postcode or suburb and comparing to every other postcode or suburb to create a list of which postcodes or suburbs are immediately adjacent, hence 'Next Door'.



Perfect for creating a directory system to handle the case where no matches are found for a particular postcode or suburb then just continue the search using the information in this table so you can always deliver a search result.

The production process creates a set of records ideal for direct use in a database system - no complicated 3rd party software licences or costs - you use your own familiar and compatible tools.

Sample Postcode level accuracy

Sample data and format for Postcode level

ThisPC NextPC   Direction ThisState ThisRegion
2064 2064   E NSW Sydney
2064 2065   SE NSW Sydney
2064 2066   W NSW Sydney
2064 2067   NW NSW Sydney
2064 2068   NE NSW Sydney


Sample Individual Suburb level accuracy

Sample data and format for Individual Suburb level

ThisPC   ThisSuburb NextPC   NextSuburb   Direction ThisState ThisRegion
2064   Artarmon 2064   Artarmon   E NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2065   Greenwich   S NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2065   Naremburn   E NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2065   St Leonards   SE NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2066   Lane Cove North   W NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2066   Lane Cove   W NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2067   Chatswood   N NSW Sydney
2064   Artarmon 2068   Willoughby   E NSW Sydney



Sample Tables

A sample of records is available in .CSV format for free download and testing.


Some interesting statistics for Australia...

  • National Average for "number of neighbours" for all postcodes is 5.
  • 75% of all postcodes have between 3 and 7 neighbours.
  • Only 4% of postcodes have more than 10 neighbours.

Postcode Distance Table on CD


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