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September 2011

Updated: 20th September 2011

This week www.FindMap.com.au was switched to new servers to offer full 24/7 uptime and services!

This is a robust and secure installation with daily data backups, uninterrupted power backups, and co-location to a 2nd backup site in an entirely separate metro area for the ultimate in disaster prevention.

Along with the hardware side the latest Linux server software is in use with firewalls and security expressly to prevent malicious, default or phishing attacks.

It is planned to develop a range of new generation iPhone apps using the secure server to host large amounts of detailed, regularly updated data to give the very best and latest information at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Some of the older browser accessed search services offered in the previous version of the site have had to be temporarily discontinued due to operating system versioning considerations and will be redeveloped with much better facilities and offered again as soon as practicable.

Remember, just email any feedback... or call 02-4877-2400.





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