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October 2011

Tuesday October 4th, 2011 | by Alex McNaught

Today a whole new suite of cross-referenced postcode and suburb search pages was launched.

Based on the core table products powering a huge range of popular websites and makes it possible to use in any web browser as a free lookup for lists of...

  • All postcodes and what suburbs are associated with them, click on postcode to see postcode details and links to suburb details.
  • All suburb names and link to suburb details page.
  • Which suburbs are near to each major metro and click to get suburb details.
  • Which suburbs are in which major region and click to get suburb details.

Each Postcode or Suburb details page also has:

  • Google map zoomed in and ready to go
  • Description of distance and direction to nearest major metro area
  • Links to all suburbs (if postcode page)


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