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On The Fly! for iPhone


Release 1.0 - 24th December 2009

What's it all about? - What does it look like? - How Do I? - Version history

What is "On The Fly!" all about?
It's about finding the things you typically need most, when and where you need it.

What's in it?
17 major brands covering Food, Drink, Major Shops, Fuel, Parks, Toilets, Auto services and more..

Only the major brands you know and trust with a national presence are there and all hand checked for recency and validity so you won't be sent off on a wild goose chase!

Where does it cover?
All of Australia with nearly 40,000 locations!

What if I'm out of network range?
No problem, all locations are included in the app so you can use it anywhere and anytime!

Where can I search?
Just about anywhere. Either nearest to you using GPS, or nearest to any of all the 15,000 suburbs and towns in Australia.

Can I do simple searches like "Nearest McDonalds" easily?
Yes, just tick "McDonalds" and tap "Near Me" and you've instantly got the nearest listings!

What if I wanted to do the same, but for somewhere else now?
Easy, just tap "Near There" and select suburb name and the listing is for nearest to that location now.

What if I needed 2 or more things at once AND see where they occur close to each other?
Easy, just tick any combination you want and tap either "Near Me" or "Near There".

Won't there be millions of combinations possible and take a long time to search?
The results come back just about instantly no matter what you might like to find.

What do the search results look like?
You see colour coded listings so know where that combination exists, or not.
Address and location detail is given in the results page so if that's all you need then off you go. If you want more detail just tap any result!

What detail do I get when I tap on a result?
Name, Address, contact details, any site specific notes, map and directions.

Depending on the result you get up to 3 levels of address detail (e.g. Kiosk or Level + Shopping centre + Street Address) as well as any email, website or phone number to just tap on to call, view or get in touch with. Some categories have detailed notes such as which products (e.g. fuel types) or special services (repairs..) they provide.

This looks really easy to use, even so are there any features coming to make even slicker?
Yes! Favourites, Recents and more are all in the pipeline to make anything you can think of just a 1-tap-away experience.

So what exactly are the brands and types of things in it?
Apple (130)

Autopro (110)
Beaurepaires (310)
BP (1,370)
Caltex (1,750)
Dunlop (140)
Goodyear Autocare (120)
Shell (1,130)

Parks (17,580)
Toilets (14,210)

BigW (150)
Shopping Centre (360)

Coffee Club (200)
Local Liquor (190)

Donut King (270)
McDonalds (780)
Subway (700)

What about other major brand X?
Yes, this is just the start! There is a whole range of updates in the pipeline for more food, drink and other handy things.

Does this app contact a server at all?
No, it's completely standalone. As much as it would be good to get anonymous "votes" as to what is popular to look for, hence guide future development and priorities, there is no contact with any server at any time and so will have to rely on feedback via Facebook groups or support links.

Is my feedback welcome?
YES! YES! and YES! Feel free to join Facebook forums, just search for "FindMap", and say anything you want and your voice will be heard!

What does it look like?

- Pick any combination of content you want -

On The Fly!

- Enter any suburb or just use GPS to automatically find nearest -

On The Fly!

- Colour coding of results show where the combination you want occurs at each location -

On The Fly!

- Click on any result to show details. If 2 or more locations just swipe to scroll -

On The Fly!

- Just tap to call! -

On The Fly!

- Just tap to send email! -

On The Fly!

- Just tap to browse website! -

On The Fly!

- Just tap to get map and directions! -

On The Fly!

How Do I..?

  • Find something near me?
  1. If necessary tap "Near Me" and then tick the item(s) you want
  2. Tap Near Me


  • Find something in another location?
  1. If necessary tap "Near Me" and then tick the item(s) you want
  2. Tap Near There
  3. Start typing in suburb name, on match tap name to do search nearest there

All search results are colour coded, if they are blue, and you requested multiple items, then these are the locations where they occur together.

Tap any result to show details. Tap to make a call, browse web page, get map and directions.


Version History

1st release - 1.0 - 24th December 2009



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