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It's now possible, with the optional detailed suburb layer, to switch between simple radius selection and the new by-road distances to rapidly shape exact territories true to distance and cost to make it a perfect result for your delivery or logistics based business. (By-road available within the current major metro area of coverage).

The default operation for both Postcodes and Suburbs is simple radius selection. So when selecting the centre point and dragging the mouse out to the required distance and releasing it all the postcode or suburbs within that radius are selected - this is rapid to do and simple to understand and works anywhere.

In this example the "South Head" area of Sydney is a narrowing peninsula and if used as the centre of a radius straight line distance selection then suburbs on the opposite shore are included within the zone of selection but the travel distance to them might require a far greater time and cost than the simple straight line distance might give.


Clearly you need some extra intelligence to get a more realistic result to suit some applications..

The solution?

Get the optional detailed map suburb layer with by-road distances enabled.. then when you select any distance from your place of business you get the "true picture" and where you can service.

Just click, drag out and select.. it's that simple.. just a few seconds to save you so much!


Now you can see what's really going on.. the coloured zones are really the ones you are after.. and with the comprehensive export options you can ship the postcode and suburb list and share with your database and web applications that serve your business.




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