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Last update - 26th September 2016

As well as being licenced out to use within your organisation the software is continually refined by being used for client projects and delivering outcomes.

If the software isn't going to work in-house on behalf of a client then it isn't going to work at a licensed client installation either - so there is no let up in adding functions, streamlining the workflow, and continually testing the package to deliver results.

Here are some recent examples..

September 2016

In this brief the objective was to create a series of regionally based territories to support an expanding business. Information such as total population was produced along with detailed suburb listings and individual maps of each territory.






September 2016

In this brief the objective was to assess and compare retail store performance using surrounding demographics. The statistics window handled giving the total value of any radius selection made, the stacked point display method elegantly handled the problem of multiple stores at the same location and the show-by-table then finally distinguished different store types as given in the table and would just as easily handle any other descriptive column giving multiple insights into the data not easily appreciated looking at tabular data alone without the benefit of the map display.
























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